Product Photography Causes Brand Perception & Conversion

Product Photography Causes Brand Perception & Conversion I want you to know that what your website connotes is more than just ordinary online store or informational resource. Merely coming across your website without even reading the detailed information gives great impression of your brand, products and services. Meanwhile your site images have great impact on the total perception of your products’ quality and great trust curtail in your brand. In fact, to the high end retailers and manufacturers that are into the sales of luxury goods, the benefits are more than that. Importance of Product Photography to Brand Perception Finally, […]

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How to Mask out problematic images in Photoshop? Considering the suitable processes and difficulties available in feathers over the women’s headdress, separating this image from its background could be time demanding and complex. For the purpose of charity, this tutorial shall be focusing its attention on the application of channels to assist in masking out any object proving to be complex, using neat edges. Better still; it may interest you that the technique will go a long way in saving you considerable time. The primary objective is the separation of the feather from the pink background, particularly on the facial […]

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How You Can Make Original Shadow in Photoshop

How You Can Make Original Shadow in Photoshop Obviously speaking, Adobe Photoshop is made up of a pre-set drop shadow layer style but this is not good for the people using Photoshop for the first time. Even though you can have different options in the layer style window which will help you to customize, yet these options are not adequate for you to make original shadow if not perfect shadow because I have tried it several times without number but not with the expected result. I had made attempt several times without number to customize the available settings ion the […]

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Priority of Product Photography & Digital Image Editing techniques in the Business

Priority of Product Photography & Digital Image Editing techniques in the Business is well known as an online auction and a very good shopping website while that of is regarded as the largest globally retailer. From research, eBay was recorded with revenue of about US$11.651 billion and net income of US$3.229 billion while Amazon is US$ 48.07 billion with net income of US$631 million. When you check the two websites, you will discover that huge series of brand products are available and this ranges from one type of model to another. For instance, if you want to look […]

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